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THOU WAST MILD AND LOVELY (Josephine Decker) is a sensual thriller inspired by East of Eden and starring love, death, guns, goats and a farm in the wilds of Kentucky. When Akin arrives at the farm, he finds his job.  This is what he expected to find.  When Sarah opens her legs, she finds someone watching.  This is what she expected to find. When Jeremiah opens his mouth, frightening things come out of it.  This has come to be expected.  But what happens by the creek next to the cow. This was not expected.

AFI Fest 2014, Nominated for Audience Award American Independents
Hong Kong International Film Festival 2014, Nominated for FIPRESCI Prize, Nominated for Golden Firebird Award Young Cinema
Sarasota Film Festival 2014, Won Independent Visions Award